We develop hardware modules, embedded software applications and solutions for medical devices. Safety is a crucial factor in the development for medical.

What We Can Do for You

Our medical device hardware and software designs help make doctors' jobs easier and safer for patients.

We developed modules and devices for imaging, image compression, control of medical gasses during operations, and many other types of equipment.

One of our activities is digital design for surgery equipment – we design signal processing components for video interface transformation and image compression.

We have been cooperating with customers who make electronic embedded devices necessary for surgery and heart & blood monitoring.

We also support our customers and healthcare organizations with hardware and software testing of new medical devices.

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How our solutions help in practice.

Medical Segment Specifications

Medical segment specifications

The healthcare industry is a specific segment with strict requirements for safety.

We design and test the medical devices according to necessary medical software and hardware development standards:

  • IEC 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment – Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance 
  • ISO13485 Medical devices quality management system. Requirements for regulatory purposes 
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system 
  • ISO 9001 Quality management systems 
  • IEC 62304 Medical device software – Software life cycle processes 

These standards are used in our customers' test procedures. In addition, we prepare and make the tests according to the internal standards of individual customers.

What You Can Expect from Consilia

What you can expect from Consilia (Medical)

Comprehensive solutions in medical technology development, from custom design to development and testing.

Our team of hardware and software experts will help you bring innovation and quality to the healthcare sector, offering a wide range of services including embedded software development and FPGA design.

We have an equipped hardware lab with modern rework stations, allowing us to create precisely tailored solutions for your medical devices.

Beyond development services, we also offer expert testing support, ensuring that your product meets all standards and requirements for medical devices.

Our Experience in Medical Industry

Our experience in medical industry

Developmemt of FPGA components for surgery imaging and testing the medical devices.

  • We have developed several FPGA components used in surgery display instruments for our notable customers. The components mutually convert SDI and HDMI video formats and provide image compression. 
  • We have supported our important customer in software and hardware testing, i.e., test procedure definition, procedure review, implementation, and execution.

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We empower and optimize your automation system.

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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Payment, Handover and Cooperation Frameworks

How We Can Cooperate

Based on your business case and to meet your individual needs, you can choose one of two options for financing and delivery models of our services.

Fixed Cost Project

We suggest highly specified work packages, and you can decide whether they fit your needs.

We deliver, report, and invoice individual packages based on the agreed schedule.

This option is most suitable for projects where all or most of the specification is known.

Hourly Rate Service

We agree on an hourly rate and prepare an offer that includes a rough job specification. The development team dedicated by us will be part of your team. 

This means your manager directly controls the job priorities and addresses the on-the-fly issues. Hourly rate is based on the cost we have with the activity such as engineer salary and cost of the rented tool.

This scenario is suitable for projects where the exact effort is unknown, or the specification is very general.

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