About Consilia Company

Our focus is hardware and software development and support of R&D projects.

For outsourcing electronics development we offer several models of cooperation in the form of nearshoring and offshoring.

Our customers come from wireless and optical telecom segments, automotive industry, and aerospace, and in most cases come from German speaking countries.

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced and well-motivated engineers working with passion on various solutions in R&D of the electronic industry involving fields of Hardware and Software design.

Our team consists of approximately 30 colleagues who have various technical competencies and are ready to support you in your needs. We speak fluent English and German.

Most of our designers are skilled in more than one field, such as Hardware and FPGA development of RF and analog design.

The only team that is fully dedicated to one field is the PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) layout team. These guys compensate for their specialization in PCB design by mastering several design tools such as Allegro OrCAD, Altium, and Mentor Expedition.

The average age of designers is between 35 and 45. Apart from our skilled technicians, we all hold at least a master's degree in electronics, computer science, or mechanical engineering. Each team member is fluent in English, while some of us also speak another European language.

Company Overview

Why Choose Consilia for Your Electronic Design Project

Experience and Market Stability

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. 

Prestigious Partners and Brands

We partner with valuable customers and brands such as GÖPEL electronic.

Flexible Delivery Formats

We deliver outputs in various forms, mostly assembled PCB modules or modules including mechanical parts, modules with or without embedded software.

Strategic Location in the Heart of Europe

The company site in Brno is an excellent location in the industry and geographical center of Czechia and Central Europe.

State-of-the-art Laboratories and Equipment

We work in our own lab with a space of 300m2, equipped with sophisticated measurement instruments (in our ownership) and detailed simulation and development software.

Expertise and Extensive Development Team

Consilia has a workforce of 30+ developers in the competence fields of software development, software testing, hardware, RF design, FPGA design, DSP design, and PCB design.

Diversity of Projects and International Clientele

We have successfully finished several tens of projects in the market segments of measurement instruments, aerospace, telecom and radiocommunication, medical, automotive, and the IoT (Internet of Things); the main customers come from Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.


Important Milestones in Consilia Company History


The extension of the cooperation with other companies in the DACH region in the market segment of innovations and implementation of modern IoT solutions.


Services extended with the development of high-precision measurement PCIe cards and Terabit Ethernet PCIe cards.


The extension of the RF product development above 40 GHz.


Firmware testing department created for medical devices.


The start of strategic cooperation with Honeywell, focusing on the IoT market segment.
Consilia became an official distributor for the company GÖPEL electronic in Czechia.


Further cooperation extension with the largest suppliers of automotive lighting systems.


Entry of a strategic German partner and development of cooperation with Aton Benu Consult s. r. o. and Aton Benu Consult Dr. Müller GmbH.


Consilia started strategic cooperation with Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH and created a team for the development of hardware, FPGA, and microwave systems.


Consilia started strategic cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz in the embedded SW development 


Consilia Brno s. r. o. was founded as an IT service provider.


We provide a wide range of activities for your software or hardware project.

The scope of services can be changed flexibly. Each customer has complete control of his project.

Certificates and attestations

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Company Policy and Quality

Internal and customer quality system

Quality Management System (QMS) in Consilia consists of two independent parts. Besides the basic quality system (BQS) inside Consilia, there is also a customer quality system (CQS) that corresponds to project requirements. The BQS, coming from the principles of ISO 9001:2008, covers rudimentary processes in the company, including continuous improvement and appropriate corrective actions.

Professional separation between basic and customer-specific processes 

An extensive knowledge background in quality management allows a professional separation between basic and customer-specific processes. Depending on the agreement, Consilia activities can be included as a module in customer’s overall quality strategy, and all document templates can be based on the customer's quality handbook.

Verification and validation according to international standards 

The Consilia team has more than 20 years of experience in software and hardware development in the aerospace industry, including verification and validation according to international standards (different requirements for Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA). Customers have been provided with documentation to prove the safety-critical reliability of the products (e.g., DO-178B).

Establishing of experienced team for transfer of know-how 

We are extensively experienced with transferring know-how, design guidelines, and processes, i.e., production ramp-up or assembly relocation. Temporary teams can be established for such tasks. The activities described are supported by the creation of corresponding documentation and/or training to ensure high-quality standards after the know-how transfer.

ATEX - Hazardous Area Basic Principles by certification authority CSA Group

ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level

Fundamentals of Testing, Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle, Static Testing, Test Techniques, Test Management, Tool Support for Testing.

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