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Our Services in Frontend Development

We are moving forward and optimizing our solutions towards higher speed and less memory usage.

What we do

We develop HTTPS Frontend Applications

While the backend is running on the host system, a user is accessing the data through a client app (frontend).

Each embedded system usually needs an interaction with the user – either configuration, setting or monitoring. We develop HTTPS frontend applications as a part of such systems.

We can scale the frontend complexity according to the need of the use case requirements and adjust the application to the client device – either a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Our frontends are web-browser applications or separate compiled applications with access to the same API as web browsers.

Frontend Development

Technologies and Tools

We choose the most effective tools and technologies for given application case.

Our most preferred tools are ReactJS and Angular libraries for frontend development. We use both JavaScript and Typescript for the coding.

For the frontend graphic, our code interacts with SVG module. We also handle powerful chart technologies as Lightning Chart. We produce both browser and native applications. In most cases, the applications are based on Chromium V8 engine.

Market Segments

We are prepared to develop frontend customized to each industry.

Frontend is suitable or needed in all segments where our usual customers are active.

Examples are measurement instruments, the Internet of Things (IoT), radio space monitoring, telecom and radiocommunication or software defined radios (SDR).


We always look for possibilities and improvement of potential in wearable accessories.

Radio Communication

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years. We are especially proud of the radios for ATC, base stations for TETRA, a family of products in the IoT, and monitoring receivers up to 50 GHz.


We can offer you our competence in designing automation systems based on our long-term expertise. Our know-how is deepened by developing new generation PLCs or developing industrial test cards.

Our Typical Workflow

You can expect professional approach in every step of frontend development.

We start with the initial analysis of the requirements and their review. As the next step, architecture of the components and HUE design are created.

Next stage is coding and unit testing. It is followed by the integration of the components into the complete system.

The final stage is usually integration with hardware (if applicable), deep user testing, and handover to the customer.

Our Last Expertise

Our latest expertise is customised project in frontend development.

Our last project was front-end application for the configuration and the monitoring of a directional antenna. The antenna was fitted with customized radio modules. The modules are identified by their type, and corresponding configuration table is created.

The whole device has user access control and secured communication using SSL certificates.

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In the meanwhile, you can take a look at our other realizations.

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