Consilia Transforms Ideas into Commercial Success

Consilia provides bespoke Hardware and Software Product Design and Development Services.

Our team supply design and consulting services at all stages of electronic product development, from printed circuit board design and FPGA design to embedded software design services. We have extensive experience in hardware and software integration.

Consilia Transforms Ideas into Commercial Success

Hardware Design and Development

We will ensure the development of the necessary electronics for your project.

Consilia is a group of passionate engineers at the peak of their careers.

Although we have been active in the electronic design business for a long time, we are still continuously acquiring experience with the newest technologies. We are interested in pushing the limits of our expertise further to higher and higher frequencies.

Integrating software and hardware is one of our strengths.

We provide a wide range of electronic design services.

Our key competence lies in Field-Programmable Gate Array design, Digital Signal Processing, Printed Circuit Boards, Radio Frequency, and HW design.

We provide a wide range of electronic design services

Our Involvement in Electronic Product Life Cycle

Hardware development process and services


The first step needed in the process of the hardware product life cycle is the idea phase.



The concept phase is the most important and often neglected one in product design.



The output of the design phase is the delivery of manufacturing data.



Consilia provides production data, procurement, testing, and prototype certification.



Correct production data is the basis for reliable and efficient manufacturing.



We feel responsible for the developed products.


Learn more about the design, engineering and consulting services we offer at every stage of the hardware product lifecycle. We tailor our workflows to the customer's internal processes.

Hardware Design and Development Services

Wide range of electronic design services to support your product

Customized solution

is in our focus

We deliver outputs in various forms, mostly assembled PCB modules or modules, including mechanical parts and modules with or without embedded software.

We offer several possible cooperation models in nearshore and offshore software development outsourcing.

Software Development

We can speed up your software development project in many areas.

We focus on embedded applications.

We also design their software counterparts for host PCs to provide our customers with a full–service chain (including the integration of hardware and software).

Our team of engineers follows the latest trends in software development to make our products more straightforward, reusable, and easy to modify.

Our primary focus is Firmware, Backend, Frontend, and Driver for Windows & Linux Development, Software testing, and Linux BSP Creation and Processor Porting.

We provide a wide range of electronic design services

Our Roles in Software Development Life Cycle

Our typical job flow is based on the following processes.

Feasibility Studies

For such an analysis, we need certain inputs from the customer.


Software Architecture Design

We sketch up the layers of the software, suggest the functional blocks and define relations between them.


Proof of Concept

Regarding POC, we test and measure all critical parameters of the final product.


Data Flow Models

We use the output of this phase as a basis for creating the modules/units and the unit test plan.


Research on Solutions

We can realize many marketing models in multiple ways.



We implement the software using a revision control system extensively.


Unit Tests

Our team internally takes care of the unit tests.


Vertical Integration of the Components

In projects where the Agile approach is selected as the best.


Integration with HW

Therefore, we usually perform hardware/software integration seamlessly and avoid finding critical system bugs too late.


Feature Tests

When appropriate, we create our own test system and implement the tests so that they can be reused and repeated at any time.


Regression Tests

Therefore, we reuse the test system and test cases from the feature tests.


Learn more about the design, engineering and consulting services we offer at every stage of the hardware product lifecycle. We tailor our workflows to the customer's internal processes.

Software Development Services

We offer complete bespoke software development.

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Payment, Handover and Cooperation Frameworks

How We Can Cooperate

Based on your business case and to meet your individual needs, you can choose one of two options for financing and delivery models of our services.

Fixed Cost Project

We suggest highly specified work packages, and you can decide whether they fit your needs.

We deliver, report, and invoice individual packages based on the agreed schedule.

This option is most suitable for projects where all or most of the specification is known.

Hourly Rate Service

We agree on an hourly rate and prepare an offer that includes a rough job specification. The development team dedicated by us will be part of your team. 

This means your manager directly controls the job priorities and addresses the on-the-fly issues. Hourly rate is based on the cost we have with the activity such as engineer salary and cost of the rented tool.

This scenario is suitable for projects where the exact effort is unknown, or the specification is very general.

Tens of thousands

of embedded source code lines.

However, our software engineers understand that software development is not just coding.

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