Vacancies at Consilia

Let's be creative, that way our work will not only feed us , but also entertain us.

Vacancies at Consilia

We can develop and make progress together.

We are a proactive partner to our customers and the high-tech sector as a whole, not just a passive executor.

We rely on personal responsibility, collegiality, and interdisciplinary cooperation. We transfer experience and know-how to each other. New colleagues are welcomed by our friendly team, where healthy working relationships prevail over predatory competition.

For 20 years, Consilia has been working with its customers on projects that move the world at least a bit forward and use existing technologies in new ways.
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There's plenty of work - we're looking for reinforcements

How do you want to start your career at Consilia?

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There's always something to do, so we're practically always looking for new colleagues - skillful, enthusiastic juniors and experienced old hands.

Let us know about you! We'll think of something.

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We will get back to you

We will call or email you as soon as possible. We will tell each other a little more and schedule a personal meeting.

We may even ask you for your CV so we can think about a possible collaboration and a specific project for you.


Personal meeting

In a personal meeting with the company's management, we'll talk about "How to get it together."

Usually, we invite a colleague from the industry to try and find out the common body of technical expertise.


Onboarding and conditions

After considering the specific application of the future colleague on our projects, we usually agree on the start date, the salary, and the details of the cooperation right away.


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Consilia Brno is currently looking for new colleagues to join a constantly expanding company of software and hardware engineers.

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Pavel Vrtík

Pavel Vrtík

Business Development


Feel free to contact me directly.

Our values and priority


Our priority is to understand the customer and the product they require, mutually aligning common processes and standards.


Our role is to offer assistance to the customer in making strategic decisions and propose the most appropriate solution in terms of cost, marketability, and product flexibility.


It is essential to always see the implementation through to a successful conclusion and feel good about a job well done.

We know you have a private life and that a healthy balance brings better results and sustainability.

We offer our employees the opportunity to establish a work-life balance.

We strive to keep the necessary paperwork within acceptable limits when communicating the inputs and outputs of work and documenting workflows.

Of course, we also provide human facilities (the possibility to store your bicycle somewhere, take a shower, have a coffee or a snack, and work out on the company's fitness machine).

Business laptop

You have a company laptop and a sim card option with unlimited calls and data.

23 vacation days

You have 23 vacation days to relax and pursue your interests.

Meal allowance

Your employer sends a meal allowance in addition to your salary.

You have the freedom to decide where and what to have for lunch.

Hourly wage

Salary is mutually agreed upon between us and corresponds to competence and experience.

Professional growth and team play

Ideas for solving problems in another field or on another project are appreciated.

Experienced colleagues are happy to pass on their know-how. In addition, we offer training opportunities.


Opportunities to improve your language skills.

We have our own courses - currently mainly German, but we can also help improve your AJ.

Personal approach

We are a Czech company and we know each other.

We give each other feedback on task performance and look together for ways to improve the work.

Flexible working hours

We have a sense of work-life balance.

Sometimes it's good to meet to discuss a project, and sometimes work quietly from home on agreed tasks.

Different forms of collaboration

Main employment, secondary employment, self-employed - it is mainly your choice.

Background in Brno

A well-equipped laboratory is at your disposal for work.

We have great instruments that you will find in very few places. To relax, we have a well-equipped kitchen with refreshments, a shower, bike racks, and a gym.

Take a look at our facilities and where we create new ideas.

Laboratory Brno: Tuřanka 1222/115, Building A, 627 00 Brno

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