Ivka - Junior Software Developer

Consilia is a smaller company, so it doesn't have a corporate policy. I think that's definitely positive. Mainly, there are a lot of very interesting, smart, and educated people who are never afraid to help with anything.

Getting started at Consilia

I came to Consilia on the recommendation of a college classmate who had been working for Consilia for some time. At the time, it was challenging for me, as a newbie, to find a job. I had no experience, and most companies expected previous experience, which I didn't have as a student. That was why I was so excited that Consilia gave me a chance. Right from the start, I was welcomed into the company.

What is so great about Consilia?  

The atmosphere, thanks to interesting and smart people without the corporate machine.

Consilia is a smaller company, so it doesn't have a corporate policy. I think that's definitely a positive. We have a great and friendly atmosphere. Most of all, there are a lot of very interesting, smart and educated people who are never afraid to help with anything.

Variety of work and the opportunity to learn and develop

Work at Consilia is often varied, so if you don't like routine but welcome trying new things and learning in new areas, our company is the one for you. Consilia encourages self-development and we can often do interesting certificates and courses that are useful for the future.

More efficient and flexible working hours

Having a flexible schedule makes it easier for me to make time for meetings, family obligations and personal matters.

A message to our newcomers

If you're looking for a job where you'll be working nine-to-five for five years, you're in the wrong place. But if you're looking for a company where you'll experience a lot of different activities and look at development from multiple angles, you're in the perfect place. You can also feel at home here (I'm serious, they sometimes bake cakes).

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Job Vacancies

There's plenty of work - we're looking for reinforcements.
How do you want to start your career at Consilia?

Summer jobs for students in technical fields

We are offering summer brigade for the following positions: Embedded Software Tester, RF Engineer, C++ Embedded Software Developer Senior and PCB Layouter - This summer is over, try for luck next year.

Embedded Software Tester

The embedded systems tester independently prepares appropriate test strategies for the embedded systems we develop.

RF Engineer

RF engineer works on developing various radio and microwave devices, modules and circuits.

C++ Embedded Software Developer Senior

C++ embedded software developer independently designs architecture, analyzes possible platforms, and selects the most suitable one. He realizes the creation of SW modules, performs unit tests, and integrates SW modules into the system and functional tests.

PCB Layouter

PCB layouter in Consilia independently designs printed circuit boards with the support of company CAD tools and based on the input wiring diagram.

Our values and priorities


Our priority is to understand the customer and the product they require, mutually aligning common processes and standards.


Our role is to offer assistance to the customer in making strategic decisions and propose the most appropriate solution in terms of cost, marketability, and product flexibility.


It is essential to always see the implementation through to a successful conclusion and feel good about a job well done.