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Our Services in RF Design

We are still enthusiastic about going even higher with the frequencies and lowering the noise as much as physics allows.

What we do

We Develop and Design Radio and Microwave Circuits with the Best Chips

Our radio circuits use high-performance RF design on the PCB. We suggest the concepts and prove them in simulation.

We enjoy integrating radio circuits with other technologies, such as signal processing, digital communication, and information coding.

Radio and microwave circuitry is a brilliant interface of the embedded applications with the outside world.

Our outputs are simulation results, test reports, and functional prototypes.

All Hardware Design and Development Services

Consilia supports your project with electronic engineering and design services.

Technologies and Tools

We use top leading tools on the market as Ansys, CST, Microwave Office...

We select tools according to their efficiency.

For linear simulations, we use the tools QUCS and Ansys. For non-linear simulations, we have excellent experience with Cadence Microwave Office. For simulations of antenna circuits, the tool CST Studio is our first choice.

Regarding the PCB design, we have a strong background in Cadence PCB Designer, and alternatively, we use Altium and Mentor tool families as well.
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Target Markets

We do RF and microwave circuit design for wireless communications.

Our team has been working...

...for the world leaders in radio and microwave frequency business.

Our key customers come either from the application area of radio monitoring and measurement, radiocommunication, or aerospace.

We are also active in the Internet of Things (IoT). This segment uses microwave technology as well, although in a limited and commercially optimized way.


We can assist our customers from the military segment in developing modern and customized solutions, following all the security standards.

Radio Communication
Radio Communication
Radio Communication

Radio Communication

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years. We are especially proud of the radios for ATC, base stations for TETRA, a family of products in the IoT, and monitoring receivers up to 50 GHz.

Test and Measurement Devices
Test and Measurement Devices
Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and measurement devices are an area that the Consilia team has been involved in since the very beginning.

Our Typical Workflow

Simulation is the basis for the best microwave circuit design.

The concepts are proven in simulations...

... to determine which fits the demands for the performance and price best.

We start with the initial analysis of the product requirements. Then we draft a few potential concepts. After that, concepts are proven in simulations.

We continue with the detailed design of each critical circuit, often supported by optimization and simulation.

Then we go to PCB design and arrange the prototype production and assembly.

One of the last steps is prototype bring-up and verification of the parameters. In the verification phase, we compare measurement results with the simulation and product requirements. As an output of this stage, a final report is prepared and sent to the customer.

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Our Expertise

We have been involved in RF design for 20 years and attacked millimeter wave frequencies.

We are going further to higher frequencies.

We started more than 20 years ago with measurement instruments operating at frequencies up to 3G Hz. We continued with UHF radios for emergency systems, including transmitters with output power up to 300 W.

During the last years, we have continued in measurement and monitoring devices up to 50 GHz.
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