We Transform Your Idea into Complete Automotive Electronic Product

Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment. We develop modern printed circuit boards for the automotive segment.

What We Can Do for You

We can guide you through the full R&D process or prepare just the PCB production data.

Do you have an exciting marketing idea, such as a module that enables a new or better automobile feature? We can transform this idea into a complete automotive electronic product. We can lead you through all stages of the development process, including certification assistance.

Do you have an accurate mechanical model? Do you already have a premade PCB outline, the positions of the optical elements and connectors? Do you have an electrical specification or circuit diagram?

We can design the PCB in a short time and produce the PCB production data in standard formats such as Gerber or ODB++.

We can offer experience and services in the automotive module market. During the last few years, we have mainly been creating PCB layouts of various automotive PCB modules for top European automotive electronic suppliers.

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Firmware Development

We develop bare metal applications focusing on low-cost BOM, low-power dissipation, and real-time code execution.

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PCB Design

This is a crucial activity we do in the complete product creation or as an on-demand service. We can support you with our considerable experience and technical background, including circuit design know-how, manufacturing services, and a professional PCB layout team.

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Hardware Design

We are active in all hardware design activities and all development stages.

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RF Design

We are still enthusiastic about going even higher with the frequencies and lowering the noise as much as physics allows.

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Automotive Projects Specifications

Automotive Projects Specifications

Typical are dynamic development and specialized standards and certifications.

Automotive electronic and embedded software development is characterized by continuous and rapid innovation.

All vehicle components must meet standards and certifications specifically for the automotive industry. The modules we make always comply with automotive standards and are ready for corresponding certifications. 

Circuit boards for the automotive industry must, of course, also meet strict automotive standards. We are accustomed to selecting appropriate components from a group of components certified for the automotive industry. 

When choosing the components, we consider the standards AEC-Q100, AEC-200, and IATF 16949. For the PCB design itself, we often combine standards IPC-222x and the customer’s unique design rules.

What you can expect (Automotive)

What You Can Expect from Consilia

We combine fast execution with high quality.

We can offer wide experience in digital signal processing and artificial intelligence (AI). We have also participated in the development of advanced image recognition algorithms.

We offer time-efficient PCB design, fast reaction time, and knowledge of the automotive and common PCB design standards.
Our Experience and Focus (Automotive)

Our Experience and Focus

We support automotive electronics design by many specializations.

We focus on modern printed circuit boards for headlights, taillights, electronic control units, and entertainment elements for the automotive segment.

We can combine our specific experience in embedded projects in the automotive industry and fast design execution with knowledge from our wide range of projects in other electronics industry areas.

We are experienced in test and measurement, radio frequency design, digital signal processing, and embedded hardware and software systems.

Nowadays, we focus on electronics for headlights and taillights, electronic control units, and car entertainment units.


We Transform Your Idea into Complete Automotive Electronic Product

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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Pavel Vrtík

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Automotive Main Lighting Systems

Our PCB designs for top-notch automotive lighting systems are optimized for emission radiation, costs, and performance.

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Other Target Markets



We can offer you our competence in designing automation systems based on our long-term expertise. 

We have participated in various projects – developing a new generation PLCs or developing industrial test cards. We are a regional distributor of automation products made by GÖPEL electronic GmbH.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

We have participated in the development of dozens of projects to support production.

We have always focused intensely on making our products interconnected and finding the best balance between autonomous and centralized approaches for the systems.



We can assist our customers from the military segment in developing modern and customized solutions.

We follow all the security standards based on internal customer rules or confidential military standards.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Consilia participates in the development of various high-speed modules for IT infrastructure.

Such parts can play an important role in cyber security and internet immunity against cyber-attacks.



We have extensive experience implementing smart technologies from the IoT world to develop wearable accessories.

We have participated in developing smart clothes, shoes, helmets, and headphones.



Our company provides custom-made medical software development services as well as hardware design.

We offer and have experience with functional software tests of medical devices. Our hardware and software design for medical instruments supports the doctor in making their job a bit easier and safer for the client.

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement Devices

We have constantly been developing more advanced and powerful equipment for 20 years.

Currently, the main field of our activity in this area is the development of measurement instruments up to 50GHz.

Radio Communication

Radio Communication

The Radiocommunication segment is our flagship competence.  Radiocommunication devices include analog, RF, and digital modules and devices that can be used in various applications.

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years.



Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment.

We develop modern PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for the automotive segment. Nowadays, we focus on electronics for headlights and taillights, electronic control units, and car entertainment units.

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