Hardware Design and Development Services

Consilia was founded as a company providing design services for electronics.
Our clients are multinational corporations as well as start-ups.

HW Design Services Overview

Consilia Supports your Project with Electronic Engineering and Design Services

From scratch to maintenance of final product

In the product creation process, Consilia can enter any phase and help define the product, from a napkin sketch, through design prototyping and assembly line support to the maintenance throughout the product lifecycle.

We provide digital and analog design and we have an outstanding RF team.

Our DSP guru can help you with any signal processing challenge.

You can read the Consilia blog article about our long-term experiences with the workflow during hardware development.

We cover both dimensions of product development.

For our products, we develop firmware ranging from code for microcontrollers to drivers for Windows and Linux, ending with control applications running on the web or the display.

We provide a wide range of electronic design services

Hardware Design and Development Services

What We Can Do for Your Product

Look at the design, engineering and consulting services we offer at each phase of the hardware product lifecycle.

Our workflows are adjusted to the customer's internal processes where necessary.

For the demonstrator and prototype development, we are used to proceeding as follows:



The first step needed in the process of the hardware product life cycle is the idea phase.

Usually, the customer comes up with an idea fitting their marketing road map or filling a gap in the market.

If needed, we have the expertise to support the customer with the use case study and with the definition of the preliminary technical requirements.

Our team checks if we have all the system competencies to continue into the concept phase and prepares additional inputs for the next stage.



The concept phase is the most important and often neglected one in product design.

It takes experience to hold back and not jump straight into coding or schematics design.

Our team comes with a technical concept – one or more possible ones – that fits the marketing idea and use cases. We carry out an analysis of what technologies suit the product best and how they can be combined.

In some cases, an experimental Proof of Concept (POC) can be created to decide which concept candidate has the highest chance to succeed in the technical way.



The output of the design phase is the delivery of manufacturing data.

We create a functional block of the system and organize design parts – e.g., electronics design, embedded software design, mechanical design.

We continue with the detailed implementation of each part for the prototypes. A part of this phase is also preliminary manufacturability cross-check with a potential production site (either our external partner or that one located in the customer’s premises).

Finally, we make reviews of the prototype manufacturing data.



Consilia provides production data, procurement, testing, and prototype certification.

Our procurement team orders production of prototypes.

Our team typically addresses our external supplier – or contacts the production on customers’ premises if agreed so.

Procurement is based on production data – BOMs for components, Gerber/ODB data for PCB, assembly data for assembly house, and test plan for finalization site. As soon as we get the prototypes, we make a basic bring-up and proceed with their characterization.

Throughout the design, we do our best to select components with a long expected lifetime and ARE confirmed to be available on the market for the planned lifetime of the product. The last activity is the certification of the prototypes – we either do that on our own (based on the standards defined by the customer) or at least, we support the customer with all the troubleshooting related to the certification process.



Correct Production Data is the Basis for reliable and efficient Manufacturing.

Our team shares the production data with the series production site.

We usually assist with the testing of the zero-series, and we can also develop the production test fixtures and test software.

In the case of complex market-challenging products, we also support our customers personally on their production site to train the production team for optimized yield.



We feel responsible for the developed products.

Throughout the design, we do our best to select components with a long expected lifetime and are confirmed to be available on the market for the planned lifetime of the product.

During the life of every product, it happens that some components get EOL (end-of-life) status. We are ready and competent to exchange the EOL components for new alternatives (sometimes recommended by the chip producer, in other cases, we need to search on our own).

And our hardware engineers verify the redesigns if appropriate.

We cooperate with...

Our Hardware Product Solutions

Over two decades on the market, we have created many unique products and systems.

Our core strength is the development of complex transceivers and communication systems and high-frequency RF measurement equipment.  

Hand in hand with product development goes the development of test systems. We have designed intricate production line test systems for many of our products.  

Besides wireless communication systems, we have designed several metallic and optical high-speed PCIe cards for telecom customers. For these systems, we have prepared both Hardware and FPGA firmware.

Our Focus Nowadays

Recently, we have experienced a surge in demand for PCIe cards.  

We redesigned a new family of analog and digital data acquisition cards for our German customer. The family also contains a set of galvanically isolated and non-isolated control cards.

Our reputation as a developer of communication systems brought us customers interested in the Internet of Things.

We have developed several battery-powered devices supporting the most common wireless protocols, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE. Some run on Android or Linux, and some on proprietary real-time operating systems.

In all devices, the strongest emphasis is placed on low power consumption.

Key Application Areas

We provide our custom hardware services for a variety of industries.

We started more than 20 years ago with Test and Measurement devices and continued with wireless telecom and industrial. In the last few years, we have also succeeded in wired/optical telecom, medical, and automatization.

Technologies and Platforms

We use these powerful technologies and tools to speed up the development.

Integration technologies

HW Test Instruments

RF Instruments by Rohde & Schwarz
RF Instruments by Keysight
Oscilloscopes by Rohde & Schwarz
Oscilloscopes by Tektronix

PCB Design

OrCAD Capture CIS
OrCAD PCB Designer
Altium Designer
Mentor PADS
Mentor Expedition

RF Simulation

AWR Microwave Office
PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)
QUCS Studio

3D Model

DesignSpark Mechanical
AutoDesk Inventor

Simulation (low frequency)

Tina CAD
OrCAD simulator


MS Excel

Hundreds of thousands

of customers' devices in daily use.

We have successfully finished projects in the market segments of measurement instruments, aerospace, telecom and radiocommunication, medical, automotive, and the IoT (Internet of Things).

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