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Digital signal processing (DSP) is often considered math magic, especially for its complexity with various transforms and abstract theory background. For us, it is not that difficult.

What We Do

We use digital signal processing for the processing of digitized data from various sensors or converters.

It helps to be very flexible in picking up the most interesting information out of the noisy real-world signals.

We use DSP techniques almost daily, taking them as a necessary part of all the measurement instruments, data compression applications, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our output is usually a simulation of signal processing and implementation in one of the DSP engines – either in FPGA or in a special processor.

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Consilia supports your project with electronic engineering and design services.

Technologies and Tools

Simulation tools are a basic and necessary part of DSP design.

We use MATLAB, Scilab, Octave, Python, and Delphi, among others.

Another part is IDEs for the implementation of algorithms into the firmware. These tools come from world leaders in firmware creation support and well-known chip producers, e.g., Microsoft Visual Studio Code and TI Code Composer Studio, where mostly C/C++ programming languages find their efficient usage.

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Target Markets

You can find our solutions in measurement, wearables and healthcare devices.

Our outputs are used mainly in measurement instruments, radiocommunication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the medical industry.

Radio Communication

Radio Communication

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years. We are especially proud of the radios for ATC, base stations for TETRA, a family of products in the IoT, and monitoring receivers up to 50 GHz.

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and measurement devices are an area that the Consilia team has been involved in since the very beginning.



We always look for possibilities and improvement of potential in wearable accessories.

Our Typical Workflow

The best efficiency is in the way you work.

We come from the system architecture suggestion and define requirements on the signal processing components at first. We simulate the individual components and optimize their performance.

Then, we implement the components in proper programming languages and debug them at the target platform. The next step is the integration with the rest of the system.

Our work includes: Architecture ― Simulation ― Implementation ― Deployment ― Verification.

We recommend (of course) making good system testing and measurement at the end of work. The test reports are drafted in the last stage.

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Our Expertise

Our team started with DSP activities more than 20 years ago.

We developed a few spectrum analyzers, vector signal generators, and arbitrary generators at that time. Later, we continued with VHF and UHF receivers and transmitters. Unsurprisingly, these also need signal processing to achieve proper dynamic range and signal purity.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to compact measurement instruments.
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