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FPGA Design Services

Our team has been making advanced FPGA designs for more than 20 years. We implement designs for the chips produced by the top FPGA manufacturer brands, like Intel, AMD, and Lattice.

What we do

We Design Digital Hardware, Fit the FPGA Chips and Develop Corresponding Firmware

  • Perform initial simulations, design the FPGA firmware components, debug, and test them.
  • Integrate components into the complete FPGA binary and release appropriate documentation with interface description.
  • Design system architecture, analyze and suggest which FPGA chip is optimal for the system.
If you request us to renew your existing product—our task is to choose the appropriate chip fitting to your specific application.

We select the best solution customized to the specific FPGA design project.

Our team has been making advanced FPGA designs for more than 20 years. We implement designs for the chips produced by the top FPGA manufacturer brands, like Intel, AMD, and Lattice.

All Hardware Design and Development Services

Consilia supports your project with electronic engineering and design services.

FPGA Advantages and Disadvantages

We maximize FPGA advantages and minimize disadvantages.

Our FPGA design engineers are excellent in using the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages of FPGA technology.

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) can perform logical and signal processing operations in very high sampling rate. It connects the traditional glue-logic functionalities with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques in one complex chip.

It can be a counterpart to traditional DSP, which is more software oriented and focuses rather on complex operations with lower sampling rate.
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Technologies and Tools

In recent years, we acquired FPGA design for Lattice chips.

We started with Altera FPGA design (part of Intel today), later added experience with Xilinx (part of AMD today) and continue with Lattice. Our engineers are familiar with all the tools for the FPGA design flow provided by these FPGA chip producers.

We simulate DSP blocks prior to implementation in FPGA.

For the simulations needed in DSP components, we choose between traditional MATLAB and its open-source alternatives GNU Octave and Scilab. Our engineers are excellent in FPGA programming languages Verilog and VHDL.

We test the real product.

For the FPGA integration with other hardware parts and interfaces, we use traditional digital oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

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Target Markets

FPGA is suitable for applications where fast digital operations are needed.

FPGA chips can be used in all the areas where we need many relatively simple, fast operations. We use them in Test and Measurement devices, Software Defined Radios, Radio Frequency devices, Automation, and fast IT network cards. Other segments, which are often overlapping with the previously mentioned, are Medical, Military, Automotive, and Industry 4.0.



Our hardware and software design for medical instruments supports the doctor in making their job a bit easier and safer for the client.

IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Our modules achieve a data throughput of 400 Gbps.

Test and Measurement Devices
Test and Measurement Devices
Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and measurement devices are an area that the Consilia team has been involved in since the very beginning.

Our Typical Workflow

We do both FPGA design from scratch and redesign.

There are two scenarios for typical FPGA design.  

Architecture from scratch brings space for optimum design.

We can design the system architecture from scratch. We need just your project idea.

In such case, we have a higher degree of freedom. We will make an initial analysis first. The initial phase also includes simulations of the complete blockchain and corresponding reports. We follow with the FPGA firmware architecture and layout of the firmware components.  

We can support you equipping your product with latest technology.

Do you already have completed system architecture or existing product, and need to exchange the chip or to add some functionality to the product?

We will design individual components, and perform their debugging and testing. We integrate the firmware components together and with the rest of hardware and software. We search for the chip alternatives and suggest the best one(s). This step is usually followed by hardware redesign (sometimes also software redesign). The rest of the workflow is often the same as in the first scenario.

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Our Expertise

We have made advanced FPGA design for high-tech market segments.

Our team started with RF measurement instruments.

We have finished many projects during the last 20 years. We started with RF measurement instruments for one of the top-leaders in that segment, where we properly combined FPGA and DSP parts together.  

Base stations are necessary part in digital radiocommunication.

Our team continued with TETRA base stations and all the components related to that – e.g., modulation and demodulation, signal processing and resampling, adaptive control loops for excellent signal quality – We actually added FPGA-based DSP design to mitigate the usage of individual DSP chips.  

High speed modules and SDR are trend of the last years.

We implemented many components for IT networking infrastructure with very high demands on data throughput, device configurability and flexibility. Lastly, we would like to mention our permanent activities in SDR (Software Defined Radio) segment, where we did e.g., GSM, UMTS and LTE demodulators and decoders.

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