Firmware Development

Our Services in Firmware Development

We develop bare metal applications focusing on low-cost BOM, low-power dissipation, and real-time code execution.

What We Do

We develop firmware for various microcontrollers.

To complement Linux-based ARM Cortex processors, we also focus on ARM Cortex M0 to M4 platforms, which are often used in IoT and equipped with Bluetooth connections.

We provide complete installation packages, source codes, software design descriptions, and test reports as an output.

Firmware Development

Technologies and Tools

There are different ways of Firmware Implementation for Microcontrollers.

There are more possibilities to implement firmware for microcontrollers. One way we go is using a dedicated IDE provided by the MCU producer. They are usually STM32 CubeIDE, TI Code Composer Studio, or NXP MCUXpresso IDE.

In some projects, we also use generic IDEs. They are based on Eclipse or MS Visual Studio Code with appropriate plug-in modules.

Market Segments

Our solutions are usually used in IoT Business or Measurement Instruments.

Most of our firmware customers come from the Internet of Things (IoT) business. Other projects are from the field of measurement instruments.

In this segment, the microcontroller can make a proper interface between the fast FPGA signal processing engine and further data interfaces.


Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment. We develop modern printed circuit boards for the automotive segment.

Industry 4.0

We have always focused intensely on making our products interconnected and finding the best balance between autonomous and centralized approaches for the systems.


We always look for possibilities and improvement of potential in wearable accessories.

Our Typical Workflow

We proceed from Analysis to Firmware Integration with Hardware.

The first step is always to make an initial analysis of the requirements. Afterward, we make an architectural suggestion. This is accompanied by doing a review with the customer to collect his feedback.

Coding and unit testing is done in a very close relationship with the next phase. We continue by integrating all the firmware components with hardware. Feature testing is one of the last activities.

The final is the handover of the production code version and corresponding documentation to the customer.

Our Expertise

We have done many Firmware Implementations such as intelligent Card or DSP Apps.

During the last few years, we have done many firmware implementations. One example is a smart employee card with NFC and Bluetooth. Such a card can support the employee in their job activities and ensure a certain level of personal safety. It uses a connection to protective equipment.

Another example is a digital signal processing application for Cortex M4 processor. This DSP app provides fast real-time DSP techniques in a compact measurement instrument.

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Sample of implemented projects:

Smart Data Collecting Badge

The badge protects the employees during their daily shifts.

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Radio Stations for Air Traffic Control

You can find them today in many ATC stations at airport locations worldwide.

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