Linux BSP Creation and Processor Porting

Our Services in Linux BSP Creation and Processor Porting

We create a custom Linux package that is adjusted to the specific hardware.

What we do

We Create Board Support Packages

Processor platform exchange is the task for our hardware developers. Our software developers consequently build an OS (often in the form of BSP) for the new processor.

Many companies come to us with an existing processor platform - usually a PCBA (PCB assembly) - and need to exchange it, including the operating system release. We create a custom Linux package that is adjusted to the specific hardware.

As a part of this job, we develop Hardware Abstraction Layer for various processor platforms as well.

The resulting image file can be flashed to the program memory of the hardware, e.g., to the system's flash memory with the ARM processor.

The output is an image file.

Linux BSP Creation and Processor Porting

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Technologies and Tools

We usually use open-source Linux distributions to create customized embedded Linux images.

On standard Linux PC remotely connected to the target device, the configuration is tested and debugged.

Target Markets

Most of our customers come from the IoT segment.

One compact single-board computer usually collects the information from peripherals or sensors and reacts in corresponding and pre-defined ways.

In communication and measurement devices, the system acquires specific data, stores them, and makes an analysis on them if requested.

Our Workflow

We modify the device tree, create drivers, and configure user accounts.

We start with a selection of the optimum Linux distribution base. We modify the device tree depending on the hardware and peripherals.

Consequently, we configure the required user accounts and access rights. Sometimes, we add additional hardware drivers or implement them if the device producer does not provide them.

Finally, we make a binary image that can be flashed into the board.

Our Experience

We have experience with many ARM-based Linux systems.

We have done a few systems with various peripherals, e.g., LCD touch screens, cameras, optical transceivers, customized FPGAs, SPI, and I2C devices.

We have also experience with lightweight SQL database systems, which can run smooth-less on any ARM Linux. We also implement applications for such devices – e.g., HTTPS backends and frontends.

We focus on the boards with ARM processors.
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