We focus on a real-world usability and marketability of wearables. We have extensive experience implementing smart technologies from the IoT world to develop wearable accessories.

What We Can Do for You

We always look for new possibilities and improvement of potential in wearable accessories.

We have participated in developing smart clothes, shoes, helmets, and headphones.

Our team consists of experienced hardware and software developers who are very familiar with various platforms and technologies in the field of RF (Radio Frequency), embedded microcontrollers, embedded software and firmware, Linux, wireless protocols, and their software stacks.  

We are in contact with suppliers who produce prototypes for us, and technical workshop support is attached to our lab. We also have partner companies who can assist us with certification measurements and reports. 

We can arrange prototypes, certifications, and reports.

We have been working in the development of the IoT since 2018. 

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Wearables segment specifications

Wearables Segment Specifications

Wearable products include personal safety equipment and have a tight relation to the industrial IoT.

The wearable technology market has been growing over the past few years.

It has been growing for several reasons – one of them was the Covid pandemic in 2020/21 and corresponding limitations in the fitness market segment. The other reasons are the rising focus of a significant part of society on sustainable transport and personal health.

Personal safety control is a significant concern among employers.

Not only due to legal items but also with a focus on the valuable human resources and work efficiency. The end customers who invest in the personal safety apps and systems can exchange manual, time-consuming collecting data and safety processes for automated real-time monitoring of the employees.

What you can expect from Consilia (wearables)

What you Can Expect from Consilia

We focus on real-world usability and marketability, not just on certificates.

Within our products and projects, we smartly combine use cases in the real world with the standards of personal health, safety standards, and value for the market. We do not focus only on mandatory certificates.

We care about: 

  • the product cost,  
  • its sustainability,
  • battery lifetime,  
  • user experience,  
  • potential for extensions and  
  • the flexibility of the concept.

We also prove the reliability and robustness of each. Before we embark on the first bespoke prototypes, we prove the concept and test performance. 

We are working tightly with partner companies which are excellent in mobile applications. 

Mobile applications add an extensive user interface to the wearable connectable devices, which are often pretty small and power efficient.

As the world of wearable accessories is developing fast, we learn innovative technologies on a daily basis.
Our Experience in Wearables devices

Our Experience in Wearables Devices

We helped with safety wearable accessories for many areas of personal activities.

We started a few years ago when we were working for a department of a large world corporation.

Our first project was smart shoes that collect foot behavior data through the sensors placed in the soles.

These shoes monitored the user's safety (e.g., weight and walking style) and sent the values to the Cloud. As for post-processing, machine learning techniques were applied to the collected values to recognize harmful situations, e.g., carrying an overweight package.  

The following project was developing an embedded system for headphones capable of noise reduction and monitoring.  

One of the extraordinary and exciting projects we have participated in was a smart T-shirt with the function of heartbeat, oxygenation, body temperature, and breathing monitoring.

You can learn more in our case studies.

How our solutions help in practice.


We empower and optimize your automation system.

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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