Software Testing

Our Services in Software Testing

Testing is an important and necessary part of software development. We provide software testing as a specific service too.

What we do

We do software testing in all known development phases.

The tests are often arranged in campaigns, which means that before each software release, we need to repeat the same tests or perform their updated version.

If you give us product specification, we will create a test plan. Or you can provide us with a test plan for review and test performance.

Our outputs are test plans and test reports for the corresponding components.

Software Testing

Technologies and Tools

We choose tools and technologies corresponding to specific software testing.

In static code check, we utilize Clang or Lint-based tools; in some other cases, it is sensible to use built-in checks within the IDE, like Visual Studio.

Regarding unit tests, we always use the tools suitable for a specific programming language – some languages have built-in unit test support, and some need to import special testing libraries.

When performing feature tests, we often combine automated and semi-automated test setups, especially for tests with HMI interfaces.

Target Markets

We can perform software tests with strict safety standards or develop our own solutions.

Almost all market segments, which utilize software, need software testing.  

We develop and perform software tests for medical devices with very strict safety standards – corresponding to the high value of life and health.

Another segment is emergency communication systems, where we usually test embedded software – often developed on our own.

We have also developed embedded software for the measurement instruments, where we planned, designed, and performed the tests as well.


Our hardware and software design for medical instruments supports the doctor in making their job a bit easier and safer for the client.

IT Infrastructure

Our modules achieve a data throughput of 400 Gbps.

Radio Communication

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years. We are especially proud of the radios for ATC, base stations for TETRA, a family of products in the IoT, and monitoring receivers up to 50 GHz.

Our Typical Workflow

There is always a plan for all tests at the beginning.

Why we are so precise.

We make a test plan based on the specification of the system.

The second option is to get a test plan from the customer. This happens usually in case a customer comes with their product during a late stage of development.

We implement the tests in one of the programming languages. Scripting languages are mostly preferred but compiled languages can be used as well.  

Test report is an important output of the test implementation. We include all the test conditions and details (test date and time, device under test ID, configuration details, parametric settings, ambient temperature etc.).  

During the last step we make a review together with the customer and ask for their feedback.

Our Expertise

Our testing experience is linked to our current projects.

Recently, we have supported our important customer specialized in medical devices, where the safety standards are more strict than anywhere else.

Our current software testing activities come from the projects which we did in the last few years.

We started with the software-defined radios (SDR) where we tested the behavior of the configuration and control interfaces. Later, we continued with another radio project. In that case, we tested our part of the job – a hardware abstraction layer. We cross-checked if the control of hardware exactly corresponded to the interface control description document.

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Radio Stations for Air Traffic Control

You can find them today in many ATC stations at airport locations worldwide.

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Base Station for TETRA Network

A terrestrial Trunked Radio base station is a piece of telecommunication equipment providing the connection between portable units and a cellular network.

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