Base Station for TETRA Network

A terrestrial Trunked Radio base station is a piece of telecommunication equipment providing the connection between portable units and a cellular network.

Government agencies and emergency services (police forces, fire departments, ambulances) use the TETRA network for public safety networks. TETRA network is independent of commercial GSM/LTE networks and thus works reliably even in crisis scenarios.

Base Station for TETRA Network

Our Task and Challenge

Develop a Modern Indoor and Outdoor TETRA Transceiver

Consilia was asked to develop a modern indoor and outdoor TETRA transceiver with an output power of 50W and 10W respectively. The product is designed to exceed the radio frequency (RF) limits defined in the EN standard by a couple of dB.

The performance of the base station reaches the physical limits of the technology.


System Architecture, Including Simulation of RF Path

Consilia was involved in the product design from the earliest stage.

The product was defined just by the size of the enclosure and the position of the connectors. 

The whole system architecture, including the simulation of the radiofrequency path, was created here.

This architecture includes the design of the signal path from the antenna, RF conditioning, frequency translation, ADC, FPGA cores, signal processing, and a design of HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for Linux.

The whole product runs on the Zynq platform.

One ARM core is dedicated to real-time signal processing and processing of the low-level layers. On the second core, a Linux system responsible for processing higher layers of the TETRA stack is installed.

Consilia continued to support the product also in the test and verification phase.

After developing the base station, we designed an in-house test system for the type-acceptance tests. Consequently, we created built-in test scripts used on the production line. 

Consilia engineers were also supporting the product launch at a China production site.

During the development, Consilia engineers closely cooperated with many teams, including system engineers, software engineers, PCB layout engineers, buyers and purchasers, and production line support across several time zones. The product is still being maintained by Consilia.

Business Value

Outstanding Power Efficiency

Consilia developed the whole TETRA base station from specification to production line testers. The outstanding power efficiency of our solution places the product in the top tier of competing products. 

The solution uses a unique split of functionality among Hardware, FPGA, and ARM processors running Linux.

How It Is Made

Embedded Software Controls Radiocommunication

We have implemented, debugged, and tested applications in C++ at Cortex-A9 processor for the embedded software development. 

We have designed a hardware abstraction layer using object-oriented techniques and UML modeling. We realized the adoption of Arch Linux for the target processor to prepare the target system. We have also developed hardware emulation implementations and configured software profiling.

One of the core parts was a transmitter in the UHF band. The power end-stage had a peak power of 300W to cover the crest factor of the PSK modulation.

Excellent spectral purity of the transmitter ensured conformity with strict regulatory standards.


Top Leading Company in the PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) Field

Our client has been developing and implementing customized, mission-critical communication solutions in professional mobile radios for over 40 years.

Implementation period: 2012—NOW

We started the first concept phases in 2012.

We continued with indoor unit prototypes in 2013 and brought them into production in 2014. We made a concept and implementation of the outdoor unit in the period 2015 – 2017, including the production launch as the next phase.

Recently, we have updated the indoor unit with an innovative PA stage.


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