Driver Development for Windows & Linux

Our Services in Driver Development for Windows & Linux

Drivers are a significant part of the software for operating systems running on customized hardware platforms.

What We Do

We Are Enthusiastic about Developing Custom Drivers for Linux

We develop various hardware modules that are in the form of PC plug-in cards. As a complementary service, we develop drivers for these modules.

In parallel with hardware renewal, we update existing drivers with new functionalities and make them compatible with more recent versions of operating systems.

On certain projects, we support specific customers also with drivers for Windows 10 and 11.

Driver Development for Windows & Linux

Technologies and Tools

We use proper tools dedicated to Windows or Linux drivers.

For Windows drivers, we use Windows Driver Kit (WDK), Windows SDK, and Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF). As IDE, we use Microsoft Visual Studio. We use any appropriate Linux IDE together with SDK when implementing Linux drivers. SDKs are delivered by the chip producer.

Market Segments

The main field of application is test devices for Industrial or Automotive.

One important market segment is test devices for the industrial and automotive application area. There we respond to challenging demands on software stability and backward compatibility with the existing card portfolio.


Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment. We develop modern printed circuit boards for the automotive segment.

Industry 4.0

We have always focused intensely on making our products interconnected and finding the best balance between autonomous and centralized approaches for the systems.

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and measurement devices are an area that the Consilia team has been involved in since the very beginning.

Our Typical Workflow

A feature is implemented, unit-tested, and integrated into the package in one individual spin.

As the first step, we make the initial analysis of the product requirements. We suggest the system – software compatible to the new hardware and to the existing cards. We implement and test the software in a vertical integration approach. Each feature is implemented, unit-tested, and integrated into the existing package in one individual spin.

As one of the last steps, we release the software for the customer’s production series, including the documentation.

Our Expertise

We have experience with Drivers for Analog and Digital Signal Processing as well.

We have experience with Windows drivers for testing PCIe cards. We implemented fast data acquisition and multiplexing techniques in this project.

We have made the drivers for analog and digital signal processing too.

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Sample of implemented projects:

Radio Stations for Air Traffic Control

You can find them today in many ATC stations at airport locations worldwide.

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Data Control and Data Acquisition PCIe Cards

We were asked to add new cards to the existing portfolio of analog and digital data acquisition streaming cards.

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