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Hardware Design Services

We are active in all hardware design activities and all development stages.

What we do

We Design Various Types of Hardware

Our activities cover simple designs with just one microcontroller, through more complex multiprocessor systems, to complex instruments that provide advanced functionality.

Hardware design is an activity related to embedded software development. We design hardware that can be driven by software or firmware we developed as well. Our hardware engineers closely cooperate with software engineers on hardware integration with software from the project beginning.

We can develop complex instruments such as a microwave receiver or transmitter controlled by FPGA or processor.

The main output is a working prototype with appropriate documentation and test reports.

All Hardware Design and Development Services

Consilia supports your project with electronic engineering and design services.

Technologies and Tools

We use common low-frequency tools as well as high-frequency simulators.

Simulations—PCB Design—Tests.

One significant part of the hardware design is the simulation. We use common low-frequency tools like LTspice and Microcap, and high-frequency simulators Ansoft Designer and Cadence Microwave Office.

Another significant part of the job is the PCB design. We focus on Cadence PCB Designer, Altium Designer, and Mentor Expedition as the main tools for PCB design.

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Target Markets

We support large corporates and middle-sized leaders in almost all market segments.

We support customers focused on niche markets.

We are active in almost all application areas, e.g., measurement instruments, automotive, aerospace, the Internet of Things (IoT), medical, Industry 4.0, military, and others.



Our hardware and software design for medical instruments supports the doctor in making their job a bit easier and safer for the client.



Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment. We develop modern printed circuit boards for the automotive segment.



We always look for possibilities and improvement of potential in wearable accessories.

Our Typical Workflow

We progress from a product specification through schematic and a PCB layout to prototype testing.

We select the best possible solution for your marketing idea.

Hardware design usually starts with a marketing idea, which generally comes from a customer. We create a product specification and perform a feasibility study with the customer.

As soon as the product specification is fixed, we create a few potential solutions or concepts and perform simulations of the most critical blocks.

PCB design follows—we create the schematic and do the PCB layout. The output of this stage is reviewed by our team internally (and sometimes by the customer).

The last steps of the whole process are the production of prototypes, their verification, final documentation, and acceptance test reports.
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Our Expertise

Our experience covers a range of solutions from simple hardware modules up to very complex boards.

Boards with brilliant performance.

We started from simple hardware modules with small PCBs and proceeded to very complex boards. Such boards join brilliant performance in the microwave or digital domain with embedded software.

In the radio domain, we design receivers and transmitters up to 50 GHz. In the digital domain, we created gigabit modules capable of data rates of 400 Gb/s and more.
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PCIe Card – PCB Layout and Thermal Analysis

For our valuable partner in the networking segment, we have created a layout and designed a passive heat sink for a server-based PCIe card.

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Smart Headphones for Personal Safety

The embedded system based on the Google voice recognition technology actively listens to the surrounding environment and interprets the situation for the user.

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400 Gbit Ethernet Full Profile PCIe x16 Card

The Terabit Ethernet card is designed and suitable for filtering TCP packets on optical fiber.

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Gateway for Personal Safety​

The gateway helps to aggregate data from various smart personal protection devices and upload it to a cloud for further processing.

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Base Station for TETRA Network

A terrestrial Trunked Radio base station is a piece of telecommunication equipment providing the connection between portable units and a cellular network.

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Data Control and Data Acquisition PCIe Cards

We were asked to add new cards to the existing portfolio of analog and digital data acquisition streaming cards.

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