Increase Market Value of Your Product in Field of Test and Measurement Devices

Test and measurement devices are an area that the Consilia team has been involved in since the very beginning.

What We Can Do for You

We support customers with fresh marketing ideas to achieve the best business value for the product.

To enable our customers to stay on the cutting edge of the test and measurement segment, we have constantly been developing more advanced and powerful equipment for 20 years.

Our team has experts in analog hardware, digital hardware, FPGA and DSP design, embedded software development and web client/server development. We use our own platform to easily implement the spectrum analyzer, RF power probe, logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and signal generator.

We are excellent at combining the competencies of our experts to achieve the best outcome.

The goal is a properly scaled and maximally integrated product meeting the customer and market needs.

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Test and Measurement segment specification

Test and Measurement Segment Specification

Test and measurement devices are helpful in many applications

Test and measurement devices include analog, RF, and digital modules/devices.

These devices can serve in various conditions, e.g., production tests, system testing in the field, and hardware tests performed by electronic developers.

Our own platform developed by the Consilia company allows various implementations.

For the test and measurement devices, we have developed our own platform. This platform enables the implementation of the following instrument examples: spectrum analyzer, RF power probe, logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and signal generator.

What you can expect from Consilia (Test and Measurement)

What you Can Expect from Consilia

We have extensive experience with prototyping and bringing design into production.

Our procurement team has connections with all common component distributors, excellent quality PCB suppliers, and PCB assembly houses.

We have lifelong experience with the testing of our products for the purpose of type acceptance testing and production. Our main advantage is the high ratio between performance and cost.  

We bring high-quality standards combined with a great sense of flexibility.
Our Experiences and Focus (Test and measurement)

Our Experiences and Focus

Our main field of activity in this area is currently the development of measurement instruments up to 50GHz

We are planning to go even higher. In addition, we can offer the development of the spectrum analyzer, signal generator, arbitrary generator, and audio analyzer. These devices constantly bring several benefits, especially for freelancers, such as cost efficiency and compact size.

Consilia provides a spectrum of solutions for software and hardware test and measurement devices.

Test and Measurement Devices

Increase Market Value of Your Product in Field of Test and Measurement Devices

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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Pavel Vrtík

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We can offer you our competence in designing automation systems based on our long-term expertise. 

We have participated in various projects – developing a new generation PLCs or developing industrial test cards. We are a regional distributor of automation products made by GÖPEL electronic GmbH.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

We have participated in the development of dozens of projects to support production.

We have always focused intensely on making our products interconnected and finding the best balance between autonomous and centralized approaches for the systems.



We can assist our customers from the military segment in developing modern and customized solutions.

We follow all the security standards based on internal customer rules or confidential military standards.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Consilia participates in the development of various high-speed modules for IT infrastructure.

Such parts can play an important role in cyber security and internet immunity against cyber-attacks.



We have extensive experience implementing smart technologies from the IoT world to develop wearable accessories.

We have participated in developing smart clothes, shoes, helmets, and headphones.



Our company provides custom-made medical software development services as well as hardware design.

We offer and have experience with functional software tests of medical devices. Our hardware and software design for medical instruments supports the doctor in making their job a bit easier and safer for the client.

Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement Devices

We have constantly been developing more advanced and powerful equipment for 20 years.

Currently, the main field of our activity in this area is the development of measurement instruments up to 50GHz.

Radio Communication

Radio Communication

The Radiocommunication segment is our flagship competence.  Radiocommunication devices include analog, RF, and digital modules and devices that can be used in various applications.

We have been designing products in this market segment for 20 years.



Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment.

We develop modern PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for the automotive segment. Nowadays, we focus on electronics for headlights and taillights, electronic control units, and car entertainment units.

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