Radio Communication

The radiocommunication segment is our flagship. We design receivers, transmitters, and transceivers in high-frequency bands up to tens of GHz.

What We Can Do for You

We can go with you through all the phases of the radiocommunication product design.

In case you have a marketing idea or general concept of your product, we can make a feasibility study and architecture suggestion for you. We will bring your project into a real PCB, module, or instrument prototype, and test and validate it. We will organize the certificates and give you production data

In case you do not have your own production or a preferred production external supplier, we can arrange a manufacturing partner for you as well.

We often participate in most of the steps above. However, we can also support you in just one or a few steps.

Wehave been designing products in this market segment for 20 years. We areespecially proud of the radios for ATC, base stations for TETRA, a family ofproducts in the IoT, and monitoring receivers up to 50 GHz.

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Radiocommunication projects specifications

Radiocommunication Projects Specifications

We work with frequency ranges from VHF through UHF to Ku-Band.

Air Traffic Control introduced digital standards VDL. However, due to the inertia of the air traffic industry, the use of the old-fashioned AM modulation has not ended yet.

Many other radiocommunication segments adopted wide bandwidth digital modulations, often based on OFDMA and QAM. Such bandwidth requirements and modulations bring high demands on transmitter linearity due to their high crest factor.  

The use of 5G and 6G cellular networks brings radio frequency bands around 27 GHz for short ranges and V2X standards.  

Satellite communication in Ku-Band 12–18 GHz is used in niche markets.

What you can expect (Radiocommunication)

What You Can Expect from Consilia

We create radio frequency hardware, software, and firmware.

  • We can offer our extensive engineering skills.
  • We provide services from the initial concept to the production of the first product series.
  • Our hardware engineers are experienced in integrating their prototypes with our internal software.
  • They are ready to closely cooperate with our firmware engineers or with your part of the team if required.
Our experience and focus (Radiocommunication)

Our Experience and Focus

For TETRA base station as for ATC radio, the signal purity performance was excellent and the best among the world competitors.

Around 2003, we started developing the air traffic control (ATC) radio family for one of the top world producers. We led it through all development phases, including concept, design, certification, and manufacturing start. 

We went through the development of a TETRA base station for another world leader in that application area a few years later. We developed amplifiers for the transmitter block (which is unique), HAL application for the embedded Linux software, and an FPGA signal processing block that took care of signal filtering and modulation/demodulation.

The most recent focus

During the last five years, we have been engaged on the Internet of Things, where especially the radio parts like WiFi, LTE, LoRA, NFC, and Bluetooth, are relevant to radiocommunication. 

The second segment we are focusing recently is radio monitoring instruments and antennas for the bands up to 50 GHz. We are still going further to the next higher bands.

How our solutions help in practice.


We empower and optimize your automation system.

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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Payment, Handover and Cooperation Frameworks

How We Can Cooperate

Based on your business case and to meet your individual needs, you can choose one of two options for financing and delivery models of our services.

Fixed Cost Project

We suggest highly specified work packages, and you can decide whether they fit your needs.

We deliver, report, and invoice individual packages based on the agreed schedule.

This option is most suitable for projects where all or most of the specification is known.

Hourly Rate Service

We agree on an hourly rate and prepare an offer that includes a rough job specification. The development team dedicated by us will be part of your team. 

This means your manager directly controls the job priorities and addresses the on-the-fly issues. Hourly rate is based on the cost we have with the activity such as engineer salary and cost of the rented tool.

This scenario is suitable for projects where the exact effort is unknown, or the specification is very general.

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