Automotive Main Lighting Systems

Our PCB designs for top-notch automotive lighting systems are optimized for emission radiation, costs, and performance.

Today’s car front and rear lighting systems are typically custom-shaped PCBs assembled with high-power LEDs. Some products contain LED arrays that intelligently switch their elements on and off.

When these arrays are connected to a camera, they can track an approaching vehicle and turn off specific LEDs. Thereby it prevents the dazzling of the incoming vehicle drivers.

Automotive Main Lighting Systems

Our Task and Challenge

Fast Job Execution in Line with Industrial Standards

When the new lighting system is being designed, tens of various printed circuit boards need to be designed. The boards differ in shapes, dimensions, and mechanical restrictions.

Different customers have various placement and thermal constraints. We deliver new sets of PCBs every time a new lighting technology system is requested.

Consilia keeps the high speed of the design process, keeps catering to all constraints.


PCB Design in Automotive Branch

Consilia continues providing PCB layout and DFM (Design for Manufacturing) support for the lighting systems. Usually, seamless production and low material cost are of high importance.

Business Value

Optimized Cost and Performance

PCBs designed by Consilia are top-notch automotive lighting systems optimized for emission radiation. The systems contain tightly packed control and power circuits carefully tuned for performance.

How It Is Made

Customized Design for High Volumes

The automotive lighting boards that we design are mostly 2-layer printed circuit boards. The volume production is counted in 100,000s, so there is a strong focus on cost-optimized design.

The boards must conform to tightly constrained automotive layout specifications that count tens of pages.

Luckily, after years of work for the automotive industry electronic components and supported PCB manufacturing, we know the constraints by heart.


Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Our client is one of the top world producers of automotive lighting systems. Among his car industry customers, you may find Stellantis, Mercedes-Benz Group, BMW, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Trucks and others.

Implementation period: 2018—NOW

We started our services in automotive PCB design in 2018. We have been supporting the customer until now.

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Next Solutions

Since the foundation of Consilia in 2004, we have finished and supported dozens of projects.

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Services Used

PCB Design

This is a crucial activity we do in the complete product creation or as an on-demand service. We can support you with our considerable experience and technical background, including circuit design know-how, manufacturing services, and a professional PCB layout team.

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Application Areas


Supporting our customers in the field of automotive R&D, we react to the fast development in this segment. We develop modern printed circuit boards for the automotive segment.

Industry 4.0

We have always focused intensely on making our products interconnected and finding the best balance between autonomous and centralized approaches for the systems.



ready to assist you.

Consilia has a workforce of 30 developers in the competence fields of software development, software testing, hardware design, RF design, FPGA design, DSP design, and PCB design.

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