Accelerate your product development. Work with Consilia.

Consilia is a Leading Czech Company in Outsourcing Hardware and Software Development

Why cooperate with Consilia?

You can take all benefits of nearshoring development with us.

We are in the best location between Prague and Vienna for developing electronics and supporting our customers all over Europe.

Our excellent development team is at your service. We also know the best PCB production and assembly lines in Central Europe and can choose the most suitable one for each product.

R&D Outsourcing Offer


Excellent technical expertise.


Background of the strong team.


Knowledge of the language on a professional level.

On Your Side

Ability to meet the customer anywhere in Europe personally.

Independent Responsibility

Provide the results remotely without the need for daily supervision from the customer’s side.

Technical Background

We work in our own lab with a space of 300 m2.


We provide a wide range of activities for your software or hardware project.

The scope of services can be changed flexibly.

Each customer has complete control of his project.

Consilia Supports your Project with Electronic Engineering and Design Services

RF Design

Our Services in RF Design

PCB Design

PCB Design Services

Hardware Design

Hardware Design Services

FPGA Design

FPGA Design Services

DSP Design

Our Services in DSP Design

Explore our HW services

Consilia helps its customers to reduce their software development budget.

Our Services in Linux Application Development

Our Services in Linux BSP Creation and Processor Porting

Our Services in Software Testing

Our Services in Frontend Development

Our Services in Backend Development

Our Services in Driver Development for Windows & Linux

Our Services in Firmware Development

Explore our SW services

What Is New in Our Tech-world

We are constantly innovating our technology and learning new approaches.

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20 years

Long and extensive experience

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004.

We have successfully finished several tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

Markets and Industries of Applications

We adapt our processes to the corresponding standards whenever the project needs it or whenever the customer hints us.

Discover our Reference Projects and Case Studies

We have contributed to the product development on various levels.

All Custom Solutions
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