Consilia Is Specialist for Customized Implementation of Development and Design Services

Since the foundation of Consilia in 2004, we have finished and supported dozens of projects.

Project duration ranged from months up to 4 years. As we position ourselves as outsourced developers and business supporters, we finish projects and different business cases in various phases.

Individual Approach

Consilia can enter at any phase and walk with you as long as you need.

We have helped our customers with the system architecture design and played a significant role in selecting proper processors, operating systems, and cost-effective RF components. 

Our engineers simulated and assessed suggestions proposed by our customers and provided detailed feedback regarding the impact of each proposal on schedule, robustness, and price.

For some customers, we started the projects and took them to the production line in China, where our engineers supervised the launch of the assembly line.

For others, we have delivered just manufacturing documentation, firmware, and test reports, and their production team took care of mass production.

In most of the products we were present from the concept phase.

In most of the products we were present from the concept phase.

Overview of Our Key Implementation

Consilia has focused on niche market of specialized products since its foundation.

History of Projects 

We started with transceivers for air traffic communication and later moved to the wireless business of TETRA base station. The customers were multinational corporations, and we have worked on the key parts of the products.

After this success, we entered into outsourcing hardware and software development for start-ups. We were approached by universities and start-ups and asked to industrialize their ideas.

In those cases, we converted the scholar's ideas and prototypes into marketable products.

The idea and intellectual property belonged to the customer, but Consilia was responsible for the whole product design and “owned” the development process.

The final products were medical devices for hard-of-hearing patients and fatigue detection alarms for the automotive industry.

Our Current Focus 

At the moment, Consilia is splitting its effort roughly 50-50 between start-up support and corporations.  

We have recently finished several IoT projects where we designed wearable gadgets and gateways.

In the RF field, where we feel very competent, we run various feasibility studies and analyses to design 4G/5G transceivers and advanced measurement devices. The latest prototypes span the frequency range of 50 GHz.

Orders Flow and Management

Our Process to Your Product Progress

Define Requirements

Define Requirements

Tell us about your project and describe what you expect from Consilia.


Prelimitary Analysis

Prelimitary Analysis

We will specify your requirements: Input / Data / Output




It covers all the appropriate human resources, tool rental, and materials for the prototypes.


Offer Evaluation

Offer Evaluation

Send us your feedback.


Purchase Order

Purchase Order

We exchange mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Customer and Consilia

Job Execution

Job Execution


Reports, Data, Invoice

Reports, Data, Invoice

Reporting and handover happen based on the business case.


Payment and Feedback

Payment and Feedback

We agree on the payment due terms with you either in the offer or in the frame contract.


Please read more about how we manage projects and orders. Discover the complementary custom services we offer to support your project.

Case Studies

Explore our selection of sample implemented projects and customized solutions.

FPGA P4 IP Blocks

We have participated in the design and development of the P4 core for FPGA. The system was designed to compile the instructions from the P4 language and build firmware for an FPGA that realized the packet routing or other desired function.

PCIe Card – PCB Layout and Thermal Analysis

For our valuable partner, we have created a layout and designed a passive heat sink for a server-based PCIe card. The card is used as a processor accelerator, network security, deep packet inspection card, and trading card for the stock exchange.

Neckband Earphones for Hearing Protection

This device should protect users against excessive noise levels. Consilia was responsible for the whole hardware design.

Smart Data Collecting Badge

We have created a prototype of a smart badge that collects monitoring data from various smart wearables and indicates the danger.

Smart T-shirt for Body Condition Monitoring

We have participated in the hardware development and prototype production of a smart T-shirt that can gain physical data about a person’s body.

Medical Video Matrix

We have designed an FPGA for a video system that converts multiple video sources to multiple video screens. The key contribution was implementing the PCIe interface that allowed the processing and storing of video streams.

Radio Stations for Air Traffic Control

The participation of our team in the development of the ATC radio family project (Air Traffic Control) began in 2003. The request was partly due to many legacy components and partly to the need for new interfaces and communication protocols.

Smart Headphones for Personal Safety

Intelligent headphones are equipped with four microphones that can actively suppress and measure the noise. Measurement of the noise inside the headphones is a safety feature that ensures that the worker is not exposed to a damaging noise level.

Automotive Main Lighting Systems

Car front or rear lighting systems are typically PCBs assembled with high-power LEDs. LED arrays can intelligently switch their elements on and off. Our PCB designs for lighting systems are optimized for emission radiation, costs, and performance.

400 Gbit Ethernet Full Profile PCIe x16 Card

The Terabit Ethernet card is designed and suitable for filtering TCP packets on optical fiber. Target customers include ISP data centers, cloud services, and stock trading companies.

Gateway for Personal Safety​

A gateway connects various pieces of smart personal safety equipment to the cloud application via an LTE or WLAN connection. Smart safety equipment communicates with the gateway via Bluetooth.

Base Station for TETRA Network

Terrestrial Trunked Radio base station is a piece of telecommunication equipment providing the connection between the portable units and a cellular network. Government agencies and emergency services use the TETRA network for public safety networks.

Data Control and Data Acquisition PCIe Cards

The original task was to add new cards to the existing portfolio of analog and digital data acquisition streaming cards. The new cards developed by Consilia are a win-win solution for the producer and the end customers.

20 years

Long and extensive experience

The company has been in the market for development services since 2004. We have successfully finished several tens of projects for different industries and application areas.

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